Spring Broken

Posted by Bailey Warren on Mar 20, 2017 4:25:18 PM

The most beautiful mosaic, greatest design of a stained-glass window, or the grandest, most distinguished architectural structure built by the craftiest hands of men could never compete with the glorious, extravagant work that the Lord has formed through the messiness and brokenness in our world. Sometimes, it is difficult to fathom the magnificent, wonderful deeds that God is capable of performing, whether that be on a personal spiritual level, or a degree broader than that of one’s own personal prayer life.

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Topics: Brokenness, Spirituality, Freedom

Embarking On Your Greatest Adventure Yet

Posted by Spencer Creech on Mar 3, 2017 10:41:24 PM


Why is our culture so drawn towards reading books about Bilbo Baggins trekking over Middle Earth, watching Jack Sparrow sail on the high seas, or playing as Dragon Born and walking across Skyrim? It seems to me that not only is the sense of adventure present in our media and leisure activities, but that each and every human is born with a desire of adventure waiting to be fulfilled.

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Topics: Adventure, Desire, God

The Diversity Of Dignitas

Posted by Natalie Slone on Feb 22, 2017 4:55:49 PM


When The House Collective was first announced around this time last year, I couldn’t help but be thrilled. While I’m not by any means among the more social students on campus, there was something that sounded appealing about living on a hall with students both new and experienced in regard to CIU.

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Topics: The House Collective, Community, Diversity

How Leadership Contradicts Unity

Posted by Josh Blanchard on Feb 19, 2017 9:31:33 PM

The Pentecostal idolizes tongues and healing and the evangelicals condemn them. The evangelical idolizes leadership and receives praise. I grow tired of the arduous leadership propaganda of our low church. Could it be that when our Lord told his apostles to be lowly servants he meant what he said? How is it that the church has constructed an inversion of Christ’s message? He did not tell his apostles to lead, but to serve in love.

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Topics: Evangelical Unity, Leadership, Love, Spiritual Gifts

How To Be A Good Roommate

Posted by Katie Parsons on Feb 9, 2017 4:01:17 PM


Walking in truth is not as easy as I once thought. As a college student, it is easy to catch yourself trying to live up to other’s expectations. Life in the House of Veritas has not always been easy for me, but looking back I see how God used different circumstances to impact the person I am today.

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A Global View of the Mission of God

Posted by Taylor Hollingsworth on Feb 8, 2017 3:17:25 PM

Taylor graduated from CIU with a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies. He currently is the programs director at Camp Living Stones where he teaches students about the global mission of God.


After returning from a couple of years living and learning in North Africa, my wife and I came back to the States in order to spend five intentional years processing our experiences and seeking future direction.  Unlike most that pursue graduate studies

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Oh Manhood, Where Art Thou?

Posted by Steven Gander on Feb 3, 2017 10:23:13 PM


Let us not kill one more moment of the grandest gift of all - life itself.


"Truth be told, most of us are faking our way through life. We pick only those battles we are sure to win, only those adventures we are sure to handle, only those beauties we are sure to rescue." - John Eldredge (Wild at Heart)


The degree of one's manhood can be defined by what a man is willing to do for their most loved ones. You can agree or disagree with this statement, but it is the way I have always looked at a man's life


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Introducing... The House Collective Blog Series

Posted by Columbia International University on Jan 30, 2017 5:00:34 PM


 Welcome to the House Collective Blog Series!


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Grace for the Chronic Perfectionist

Posted by Janai Tedder on Nov 22, 2016 3:42:29 PM


I’m a student. I’m a collegiate athlete. I’m a youth pastor’s wife. I’m a friend, sister, daughter and employee. My life encompasses several roles I fulfill on a daily basis which is often very challenging. How on earth do I manage it? To be honest, I don’t know. A year ago, I never would have been able to accomplish this much. However, the lessons I have learned over the years prepared me for this time and I have a hunch these few lessons are the secret to my success.

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The Day Prayer Came Back to School

Posted by Dr. Sandra Young on Jun 2, 2016 8:58:57 AM


Spring is a season of new birth, warmer weather, and in America’s public schools, standardized testing. Several springs ago I was a high school English teacher. The day arrived when all 10th graders across the state of South Carolina would take the first of a series of tests called the HSAP (High School Assessment Program). At my high school where 99% of our student body was African American and most of the students were eligible for free and reduced meals, this acronym spiked fear in students and teachers alike. We knew we were a low performing school: our standardized tests scores for the past few years were extremely low. No one wants to belong to a low performing school.  Low performing schools drag down the mean for a district’s more affluent schools and prompt district administrators to eye the principal, teachers, and students with suspicion and resentment.

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