6 Reasons to Live in the House of Truth

Posted by Katie Parsons on Apr 6, 2017 5:21:17 PM


 Within the House of Truth there is a lot of diversity. We have athletes, artists, musicians, writers and many other talents. Yes, living in the dorms has impacted me in many ways, but spending my last year in the House of Truth has impacted me in many more ways. It has been a year filled with memories, growth in the Lord, and an opportunity to live with many women who are also seeking what the Lord has for them.


“We aspire to be women who speak truth to each other and the truth about our identity in Christ. Knowing we are worthy and valuable daughters of the king, we seek to call each other to walk in that identity.” – Rachael Trunnell.


I have seen this lived out on the halls and in everyday life. 


1. For many, Veritas is not just a building that we sleep in, it is a home.


“At the end of the day, being able to come home knowing I am loved by the others I live with and knowing they are there for me is comforting” – Linzie Roberts


“I like how things are laid back so I can figure myself out. It is homey and a place I look forward to going at the end of the day.” - Madelaine Clayton


2. Having friends I can talk to or if I need a shoulder to cry on I know that I am not alone. There is always someone willing to pray or just listen.


“I know that I can go to my housemates about anything. They are there for me in the hard time and the good times.” – Mykeala Shouse


3. It seems that diversity would make life difficult, but it has been a blessing to see how diversity has brought us together.


“There is unity in diversity on the halls and throughout the House that has created a place of rest for me.” – Abigail Cotton.


“Everyone has something to bring to the House. And I have loved how the freshman through seniors live together.” - Hannah Tinkey


“Seeing the House shirts around campus gives me a deeper sense of community. It is an instant connection, a chance to connect to people I wouldn’t normally be able to.” – Anna Tompkins


4. We are all able to practice the gifts and talents that the Lord has given us without wondering what others think.


“My favorite experience is the House Throwdown. Even though we are all different, our talents blend together really well and it makes us a sharper House.” – Meredith Griffin


Countless times I have sat in my room and then heard a lot of noise on the hall. Out of curiosity I walk out of my room only to see a group of girls laughing together and really excited about someone’s accomplishment. It doesn’t have to be something they know anything about.


5. They rejoice with those who are rejoicing.


 “Being able to walk the halls and see community happen makes me feel comfortable. Not just on my hall but in the whole House.” –Jennifer Craven


“What I love about Veritas is my R.A. I’m thankful for her and how she seeks to love us well. It has impacted me a lot.” – Hayley Proctor


6. This House is not just a dorm; it is a place where we can grow in the Lord, find ourselves, recognize our identity in the Lord, and struggle with lifes difficulties in a safe environment.


“I enjoy the loving atmosphere on the halls and throughout the building.” – Hannah Errfmeyer


“Our House is down to earth, amazing women who still know how to have fun.” – Bridget Kyles


“I like that everyone makes you feel comfortable. They are warm and welcoming.” – Raven Fleming


For me, my house is a place of peace. I wouldn’t trade this year with these women for anything.


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