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A Global View of the Mission of God

Oh Manhood, Where Art Thou?

Introducing... The House Collective Blog Series

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I Am Depressed, But God is Good

Learning Contentment: The Quiet-Hearted Child

There is Grace in the Grammar

Grief in Community

Christ-Centered Community is Marked by Sacrifice

The Risk of a Biblical Worldview: CIU's Philosophy Degree

Roommate Rhythm

A Lesson Learned is a Lesson Earned: Surrender

The Power of Literature

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College at 16: Why CIU?

A Reason Not To Take My Own Life

CIU on RelevantU

Just a Humble Guy

CIU Athlete Spotlight -Angela McMaster

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Under the Threat of Terrorism: Choose To Love

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7 Questions for Personal Accountability

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Farley and Me

CIU Athlete Spotlight - Kayla Swails

Maturity Rarely Happens Solo

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The Heart of the Matter

If I were a Christian College Freshman Again... 3 Things I'd Do Differently

9 Top Apps for College Students

Curve Balls, Gut Punches and Heartaches

College Checklist | What to Bring, What to Leave At Home

Freshman Survival Guide: Choosing a College Major

Welcome to Blue & Gold: a mixture of advice for incoming freshmen, student life highlights, and professors' insights into living with a biblical worldview. In short, everything a CIU student needs to know or a place to inform yourself before you apply!



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