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Under the Threat of Terrorism: Choose To Love

Posted by Anonymous on Nov 30, 2015 11:16:32 AM


The following are the thoughts of a 2007 alumna of Columbia International University serving alongside her husband with The Alliance in Europe. Her name and specific location are withheld because of security concerns.  


There’s nothing like another birth and post-pregnancy body to remind me that I need exercise.  Muscles need toning, the extra weight needs to be lost, and in general there is a level of stamina that needs to be rebuilt for the physical demands of keeping up with my kids.  The lower back groans with each bend, I get winded when I climb the stairs to my friend’s third floor apartment, and my arms beg for mercy when my child’s 14 pound body is too much to bear.  It’s this discomfort and pain that remind me that exercise is vital to my health.

In much the same way, our faith needs toning.  And what is faith?   A willful choice to act on what we know to be true despite

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