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The Day Prayer Came Back to School

Posted by Dr. Sandra Young on Jun 2, 2016 8:58:57 AM


Spring is a season of new birth, warmer weather, and in America’s public schools, standardized testing. Several springs ago I was a high school English teacher. The day arrived when all 10th graders across the state of South Carolina would take the first of a series of tests called the HSAP (High School Assessment Program). At my high school where 99% of our student body was African American and most of the students were eligible for free and reduced meals, this acronym spiked fear in students and teachers alike. We knew we were a low performing school: our standardized tests scores for the past few years were extremely low. No one wants to belong to a low performing school.  Low performing schools drag down the mean for a district’s more affluent schools and prompt district administrators to eye the principal, teachers, and students with suspicion and resentment.

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The Power of Literature

Posted by Dr. Sandra Young on Jan 30, 2016 5:02:00 PM


The power of the pen is often talked about and celebrated.  But years ago, as a rookie high school teacher in an urban public classroom, I witnessed the power of literature. Just recalling the miracle of that long ago afternoon supplies enough motivation and energy to keep teaching--even on those days when my students are yawning or daydreaming, signaling to me that they would rather be somewhere else, anywhere else, but in a classroom analyzing a poem or a short story.

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