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Redefining Hospitality

Posted by Rachel Hust on May 23, 2016 11:38:47 AM


If “hospitality” was an inkblot in a Rorschach test, my first thoughts would be: Southern, superficial, stilted, and fake. I instinctively think of Southern ladies sitting on their porches, sipping sweet tea and gossiping about everyone in the neighborhood. I think of Hilly Holbrook, Elizabeth Leefolt, and Skeeter from Kathryn Stockett’s The Help playing a game of bridge. I think of Emily Gilmore from Gilmore Girls, entertaining guests with her perfect manners and polite dinner conversation.


Before I went to college that was all I knew of hospitality. To me, its denotation was being a perfect hostess, setting an extravagant table, and striving to impress all of the guests. And its connotation was very negative. Then I went to college and learned how wrong I was.

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There is Grace in the Grammar

Posted by Rachel Hust on Feb 24, 2016 8:32:01 AM


I’m an English major and a self-proclaimed grammar nerd. Why do the mechanics of the English language excite me? I don’t know. That’s just how God has wired me.


When I study the Bible, I write down entire verses or passages of Scripture and mark them up in my journal. An arrow here, some underlining there, and a few scribbled notes in the margins.


Recently, during one of these episodes, the grammar nerd in me started to notice something. The apostle Paul was a big fan of using the passive voice.

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Roommate Rhythm

Posted by Rachel Hust on Feb 5, 2016 3:34:09 PM

It is freshman move-in day and you have exchanged emails with your new roommate, but you have never met her in person. A trail of balloons and posters lead you to the check-in table where you sign by your name and are handed the key to your room. You take a deep breath, grab the first load of boxes from your car, and head toward your room: it is time to meet the person you are going to be living with for the next year.


The door is unlocked and your roommate is already inside, unpacking with her family. You say hello and all of the various family members exchange greetings. Next, a flurry of handshakes and the usual “Nice to meet you,” “How are you?” and

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