The Best Study Playlist of All Time

Posted by Columbia International University on Oct 16, 2015 10:27:38 AM

best study playlist of all time

Uh oh! It's late into the semester and those project deadlines are looming. You've got papers, books, and sticky notes strewn across your dorm room and your computer lovingly just erased three paragraphs worth of work. 


But look! It's THE BEST STUDY PLAYLIST OF ALL TIME to the rescue! We traveled to the ends of the Internet to find tunes that soothe your budding anxiety; then deliver a determined energy that's ready to get work done.

**The below videos are embedded from YouTube. Sorry about the ads.


1) Narnia Soundtrack: Only The Beginning Of The Adventure

When you play this song, so begins your studying adventure through the land of Narnia. And just when you think it's over...BAM...around the 4:45 mark it hits you again with an inspiring melody that'll gives you all the feels!


2). Sigur Ros – Takk

Iceland ranks 6th in countries that spend the most on their educational systems. Iceland not only spends money on education, but also produces some great study music. Check out Sigur Ros – "Takk" for your studying pleasure


3). Miles Davis – So What

Statistics show that listening to jazz music can improve your golf game. We think it can also improve your studying. 


4) The John Dunbar Theme

Kevin Costner starred in the movie “Dances with Wolves”. We hope you’ll be the star of your next test with a little help from the “Dances with Wolves” theme song.


5) Concerning Hobbits

Most pieces from The Lord of the Rings Soundtrack get my heart pumping too much to sit down and write a paper. But "Concerning Hobbits" is relatively low key, playful, and for fans of the movie - timeless.


6) Explosions in the Sky

Anything from Explosions in the Sky is pretty much amazing. Here's an entire album of transfixing music that will turn a night of studying into an inspiring experience.


7) Mux Mool - Get Better John

This one is a little out there, but a favorite nonetheless. Late at night, with a lot of work still ahead of you, this tasty jam will get you moving. (Reminds me of a theme song to an old Megaman game. Anybody?)


8) Hans Zimmer - Time

Warning: The video above is 10 hours long. This one is for those extended study sessions. Ready, Set, Cram!

This song is from the movie "Inception", but really almost anything by Hans Zimmer can make this list.


9) Hammock - Breathturn

This one is eerie and inspiring. Hammock is great and worth checking out if you enjoy "Breathturn".


10) Daft Punk - Voyager

Take a funky, electronic ride through your studies with "Voyager".



So what did we leave out? Leave us a comment below so we can add to this list!

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