How To Be A Good Roommate

Posted by Katie Parsons on Feb 9, 2017 4:01:17 PM



Walking in truth is not as easy as I once thought. As a college student, it is easy to catch yourself trying to live up to other’s expectations. Life in the House of Veritas has not always been easy for me, but looking back I see how God used different circumstances to impact the person I am today.


I had a roommate who I love dearly, but it was a challenge when we first moved in together. Our personalities are very different - she was neat, I was messy, she was organized, I was not. And we did not know how to communicate with each other at all. At first we thought we were extending grace in these areas by not saying anything and just dealing with it. We quickly realized that we had to change our system if we were going to live together for the school year. So we both began to step out of our comfort zones and tried to work things out.

This experience was difficult. There were arguments, frustrations, failures, and a few tears, but in the end it was good. At first, I did not see how we could work things out. It would have been easier to move rooms or draw a line down the middle of the room and stick to my side. However, that was not an option. It was easy to focus on the negative things and forget about the good times.


Then things changed one day. My roommate and I sat down and we were honest about how we felt. We discussed what each person could do to make the other feel valued. We met each other in the middle. All of the frustrations with one another did not go away immediately, but we both knew the other person was trying. Over time, I realized what I did that bothered her and tried to be aware of those things. By the end of the year we were great friends and had many great memories. To this day, I miss rooming with her and we are still great friends.


The biggest thing I learned from that experience was that discomfort and differences are not always bad, they just take time to learn from. I learned how our differences complimented each other and how we could serve in our ministry better as a team. Honesty and openness became a huge aspect of our friendship. We would meet weekly to talk about what we saw the other person excelling in and what we could work on. It took a lot of intentionality but we learned to love each other well.


What I learned in that year with my roommate has played a role in how I do ministry and interact with others today. It is easier for me to see the value in the differences of others rather than question them. As believers, we are called to follow the footsteps of Christ and love as he loved. Christ has walked with me through my life, but I have not always realized He was right there with me. Sometimes He takes the form of a friend listening late at night or someone leaving a note and candy on your desk. Sometimes it looks like grace from teammates, hallmates, and roommates. For me, this is what living in my house has looked like.


Living in Veritas has challenged me to see people as God sees them. To celebrate our differences and extend the same grace that God has extended to me. To love others when it is easy or hard. To hold my tongue when it is the most loving thing or to speak up when I need to say something.


The community that is found in my house is something that I will miss when I graduate in a few short months, but it is something that I will never forget. Memories of late nights, early mornings, and long days with my girls will go with me wherever I am, and the lessons I learned will stay with me. I cannot express the gratitude I have to learn how to live and walk in truth alongside so many women of God. This is what it is like to live in Veritas, the House of Truth.


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