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Posted by Bailey Warren on Mar 20, 2017 4:25:18 PM

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The most beautiful mosaic, greatest design of a stained-glass window, or the grandest, most distinguished architectural structure built by the craftiest hands of men could never compete with the glorious, extravagant work that the Lord has formed through the messiness and brokenness in our world. Sometimes, it is difficult to fathom the magnificent, wonderful deeds that God is capable of performing, whether that be on a personal spiritual level, or a degree broader than that of one’s own personal prayer life.


Bearing complete transparency, I find it imperative to share that I truly struggle confronting my own brokenness. I have certainly been fearful of being spiritually stripped before the Lord, because I know that I am fragmented, crushed and worn down by my own sin and fear.


I am a splintered individual, and I have been in dire need of providential healing. All individuals sort through that in their own way. There are often aspects of life that are not so pretty, even within the community of a bible college. Since the beginning of time, mankind has struggled with bearing complete honesty spiritually. Adam and Eve covered their naked, shameful bodies with fig leaves in attempts to hide from the Lord. I think in some respects, we manage to do that in our own spiritual lives.


One can refuse to be spiritually naked before God, and wear fig leaves of religion. I would like to suggest that sometimes we can veil our doubt with our stellar prayer life, or the frequency in which we read the Word and do our devotions. Another individual may cover themselves with fig leaves of their own personal success: all is fine and dandy because of academic prosperity, financial security or professional promotion. Sometimes, rebellion can even serve as a spiritual fig leaf: “I do not have to be seen spiritually because I do not believe or trust in the power and mystery of God”. 


Some may suggest that is an appropriate approach to the spiritual brokenness of mankind. After the fall, our sinful nature could not allow us to reach God. Our identities were tarnished by the sin that we had forsaken God for. As previously mentioned, since the beginning of time, mankind has failed at being spiritually naked. 


But our God, in His goodness, in His grace, has been a redemptive God. He is a redemptive God for the person reading this statement. He is a redemptive God for the person in the back row of a Sunday service who is experiencing a shedload of doubt. He is even redemptive for the individual who seems furthest from calling on the name of Jesus.


Thank God for that. The Lord saw that we could not possibly reach Him. He knew that if justice were to be upheld, a sacrifice must be presented. The beautiful exchange is presented in what Jesus did on the Cross, because no other primitive idol or worshipped being has been renowned as one that would die for its followers, but our God came down to our level of messiness and disorder, declaring what we owe, but willing to pay it because He wants to have us.


How beautiful is that? Because of Jesus’ nakedness, and the shame He wore for me on the cross, I can experience a true spiritual exposure before the God of the universe. He can see my spiritual bareness, and He does not run from it. He takes our brokenness, irregularity and unrest, and He makes a beautiful mosaic of the Body of Christ.


Not only does He make beauty out of our turmoil, but He heals in ways that are inexpressible through a blog post. He is not disengaged, nor is He scared of our brokenness. He has already won victory over every battle we may turn our attention to. His victory may look different than the victory that we envision, but that is why He is God and we are not. 


Every single human being wears their own brokenness. However, one can be reminded that pieces of a stained-glass window are that way, too. Some may be more jagged than others, rougher, blunter, or more refined by fire than another. The same light shines through every piece, but they all reflect this glorious light in different manners. 


You are gifted, designed and broken in your own unique way. That is something to own, and in turn, give God glory for. How lovely it is that the body of Christ is presented with different messiness, yet when we serve together, we can reflect the light and love of Jesus.


2 Corinthians 3:17-18 - “Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.


This is the house verse for Fidelitas, and is a reminder of the freedom that comes from knowing a gracious, powerful, and loving God. His love is seeing individuals right where they are, and is reaching them in the midst of messiness. 


The God we serve is good, creative and faithful to us. 


Author's Note: I am stepping outside of my comfort zone writing for something that does not bear my name solely. I often try to write things that are raw, relatable and reflecting on the restoration that takes place when the grace of God is present in a life. In all honesty, at first, I tried to refrain from that in this post. I strived to remove myself from the authorship, and whether I am selfish, or fearful of misrepresenting something greater than who I am, I could not take myself out of the equation. However, I trust His power and His faithfulness to make beauty out of messiness, and to bring glory to Himself through brokenness.

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