9 Top Apps for College Students

Posted by Columbia International University on Sep 23, 2015 1:43:21 PM

Blog_016Apps are everywhere. Whether you play for Team iPhone or Team Android, I know you have a roster of go-to apps. College students can use apps to improve their higher education experience. Here, we compiled a list of our top apps for college students.


Check these out, download them today, and make life easier!


Top Apps Just For You!

  • iStudiez Lite – Staying organized while in college is an absolute must. An overwhelming amount of studying mixed with lots of extracurricular activities makes this very difficult. iStudiez Lite is an app that helps students stay focused and organized. This free app will aid in managing your whole semester. It can deal with 5 courses, 15 class/exams per course, 15 assignments, 5 instructors, and sets alarms for everything!
  • Exam Vocabulary Builder – We’ve all experienced it before. While writing an essay, you just can’t find the right word to tie everything together. AccelaStudy has put out a free app to help with this issue: Exam Vocabulary Builder! Never again will you have to think and think and think to come up with a better word.
  • StudyBlue Flashcards – Let’s face it. No one enjoys making flashcards! It takes so much time, and afterwards you still have to study. StudyBlue Flashcards has done the impossible. This app makes flashcards fun. Study effectively using text, pictures, and audio in your digital stack of flashcards.
  • Google Drive – Every college student needs this app. With the Google Drive App you can access your documents, spreadsheets, pictures and more from your phone. Very convenient!
  • SelfControl – You’re in the midst of finals week and have a huge exam to study for but…Facebook. Enter Self Control. This app allows you to set periods of time where certain websites are blocked on your phone. Even if you don't have any control over yourself, this app will pick up the slack.
  • Sworkit – Let’s face it, college students are busy! Often times working out can get lost in the mix of studying, lectures, and exams. With the Sworkit App you are supplied with simple to extensive exercise routines that last from 5 minutes to an hour. Take the mind work out of working out with Sworkit.
  • Sleep If U Can Alarm – Some mornings getting out of bed for an 8am class is impossible! With the Sleep If U Can Alarm you are sure to wake up without a problem. To shut it off, you must either shake your phone or access thye camera and take a picture. In the early morning both of these options are very annoying, but also very effective in getting you up.
  • Evernote – Simply put, the best one stop shop for taking and storing your class notes!
  • – “What does that word mean???” This is a question that every college student faces. By having the easy app on your phone you will have the answer to your question in minutes.

Don’t see one of your favorite Apps on our list? Comment below!


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